Wall Printer Machine – Vertical Wall Decor

Wall Printer Machine – Vertical Wall Decor

Wall Printer Machine

THE WALL PRINTER – A business opportunity and machine to print Wall Art

We are introducing you with The Wall Printer Machine Business Opportunity.

Vertical Wall Printer Machine Business Opportunity

wall printer machine business opportunity vertical wall printer

With our patented technology and products, and more than 600 international customers today, shipping over 500 Wall Printer machines annually, we are the world leading vertical (wall) printing machine manufacturer.

Printing 3D high definition digital images and wall murals  direct to vertical walls with the highest quality, environmentally friendly inks.

Images can be up to 12 ft height, unlimited width. Fast processing, brilliant color and UV, will allow your mural painting to last up to 15 years indoors and 5 years outdoors without fading.

Print on any surface – brick, wood, plaster, glass, metal, stucco, plastic, paper, Sheetrock, cement, more. The Wall Printer is the only vertical printer with UV ink that can print white images, text, and numbers.

Operating a wall printer for murals has only recently become technically reliable. As such, it now is experiencing  a remarkable increase in popularity and demand.

As both a less expensive alternative to manual painting on walls, and a faster option for creating murals or displaying high definition, including 3D, digital images, it’s no wonder that it has opened the doors for a greater customer base.  

As the amount of potential clients have grown, so has the opportunity – this makes the business notably desirable and beneficial, considering its rewards.

The Wall Printer is now bringing 3D, High Definition digital printing to allow customers and businesses the opportunity to paint wall murals on any interior or exterior vertical surface throughout North America.

Add this innovative new revenue opportunity or contract The Wall Printer in your area to add a durable, brilliant image to your wall today.

Available territories throughout North America to begin your own Wall Printing business –  The Wall Printer.  

Whether you’re a printer or a painter, an architect or a graphics designer, or you just want to add some color to your walls, inside or outdoors, simply click the button below and a Wall Printer representative will contact you promptly

The Wall Printer Machine Price

Ge affordable wall art, printing pictures on your site quickly and without errors – no artists needed to print pictures on walls indoors or outdoors.

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